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Princess of Second Chances

my own sovereign nation

Chiara di Paxiti
7 June 1982
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Age, sex, and location can all be found above, so any question involving any of those variables will be summarily ignored.

Me, capsule version:
Rape survivor. LJ addict. Identical twin of paradoxicalme, with a very large chosen family. Graduate student. Mentally interesting. Sports fanatic (teams of choice = Kansas State, Duke, and KC Chiefs). SCAdian (Kingdom of Calontir, Barony of Mag Mor). Anglophile and Francophile. Hopeful romantic. Perfectionist, and frequently frustrated by that. Insomniac. Biblioholic. Agnostic, mostly. Frequent user of parentheses. Idealist. Collector of random, mostly useless trivia. Introvert. Bisexual, polyamorous, involved, mostly not looking. Submissive, feminist, and OK with it. Loves fiercely and fiercely loved.

Me, quote version:
"This is who I am, it's all the places I have been,
The fondness and regret, and every love that I've been in.
And I've played all the characters, the fool, the friend, the wife,
And no matter what the ending is, the story of my life
Is the book of love."
--"Book of Love," Dar Williams

"You cannot find peace by avoiding life."
--The Hours

"It does not seem to me to be sufficiently humble to imagine that whatever force keeps the planets turning in the heavens is going to give me a bicycle with three speeds. But if God is the universe that encloses the universe, or if God is the cell within the cell, or if God is the cause behind the cause, then this I accept absolutely." -- Quentin Crisp

"I believe in the ties of Gemini, the perfect, superhuman connection of twins."
-- The Prince of Tides

Some things you should know:
*My journal is friends-only because I have intense flare-ups of paranoia. If you want to add me, though, I'll at least check out your profile. (Profiles are quite useful, especially if you want me to add you.)
*I update...sporadically, at best, which is similar to my style of commenting, although as of January 2007 I'm actually updating fairly regularly; granted, this means "more than once a month." This is subject to change at any time. There, you've been warned. I do, however, read LJ like it's my job, and am prone to searching my friends list for interesting people who they read, so if I add you, it means I think you are. :)
*I talk rather extensively about mental health issues (discussion of rape trauma, anxiety, depression, etc.). Comment here if you'd like to be added.

(Should you want to contact me off LJ, my info is here.)

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